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Every gift makes a difference
for Kansas Citians in need.

100 percent of every donation
goes directly to client services.

Generous donors, volunteers and friends make it possible for the Medicine Cabinet to meet thousands of Kansas Citians’ short-term emergency medical needs every year. You can help by donating or telling others about the work we do.

“We at Cross-Lines see the need for Kansas City’s Medicine Cabinet every day. Individuals who are experiencing financial crisis often have to make difficult choices and sometimes are forced to choose other obligations over medical services. We are so happy to be able to help as many people as possible with their emergency medical issues.”

Gloria Cantu
Manager of Client Services,
Cross-Lines Community Outreach, Inc.

Join our Recurring Giving Program.

Medicine Cabinet relies on the generosity of caring community members. By giving a monthly gift for one year, your donation adds up to provide a Medicine Cabinet client with a desperately needed service:


$10 to the Medicine Cabinet
for 12 months = one pair of eyeglasses


$25 to the Medicine Cabinet
for 12 months = six dental cavities filled


$60 to the Medicine Cabinet
for 12 months = 30-day supply of insulin


$125 to the Medicine Cabinet
for 12 months = one pair of hearing aids

Whether a one-time gift or year-long giving, we are grateful for your contribution.


Another powerful step you can take to help people in Kansas City who face medical emergencies? Share your voice!

Letting your social networks know about the Medicine Cabinet’s services costs no more than a few seconds of your time. But to those in desperate need, it could make the difference between having to choose between paying daily living expenses or taking care of a health care emergency.

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An average of 4,000 Kansas Citians every year receive desperately needed short-term emergency medical services from Kansas City’s Medicine Cabinet.

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Kansas City’s Medicine Cabinet provides help so people don’t have to make the difficult choices of putting food on the table or buying medicine; paying the rent or purchasing eyeglasses; putting gas in the car to get to work or getting a painful tooth repaired.

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Since 2005, the Medicine Cabinet has spent more than $7.2 million to meet 32,000 Kansas Citians' short-term emergency medical needs.

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